1st Semester

    Five (5) compulsory courses

Course codeCourse Title
S1_C1Thermofluid Mechanics
S1_C2Energy Production and Storage Technologies
S1_C3Computational Methods for the Design and Optimization of Structures
S1_C4Risk Analysis and Reliability of Energy Systems
S1_C5Energy Systems Optimization Methods

2nd Semester

    Five (5) elective courses from the catalogue below

Course codeCourse Title
S2_C1Computational Fluid Dynamics
S2_C2Renewable Energy Sources Technologies
S2_C3Stress Analysis Methods: Theory, Simulation, Experiment
S2_C4Structural Health Monitoring of Mechanical Systems
S2_C5Fluid-Structure Interaction
S2_C6Analysis and Management of Experimental Data
S2_C7Management of Environmental and Energy Systems
S2_C8Energy Systems Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA)



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