• "Advanced Engineering of Energy Systems" MSc

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia, offers a new Master’s degree program in “Advanced Engineering of Energy Systems”. The specific program, launched by the 2020-21 academic semester, is a three-semester full/part-time Master’s degree program (MSc – 90 ECTS), aimed at qualifying students with a robust scientific background in advanced methods for the analysis, design, optimization and control of
    energy systems.

    Program’s objectives include:
    -       The promotion of knowledge and the development of research in the scientific field of advanced engineering methods, focusing on energy systems.
    -       In-depth training of students on innovative, environmentally friendly energy technologies.
    -       Equipping graduates with the proper knowledge for coping with the requirements of a demanding, fast-changing working environment of interdisciplinary characteristics, with regard to the technology evolution, modern science tools, and the overall goal of ecosystem protection.
    -       Preparation for doctoral studies.

    The Program accepts graduates of Engineering Departments, of the home country or of similar recognized institutions abroad. University graduates from Science Departments can also be eligible, given their research or working experience on a relevant field to that of the Program.


  • University of Western Macedonia

    Dpt. of Mechanical Engineering

    M.Sc. Advanced Engineering of Energy Systems

     Former 1st High Schools 1st floor, Karavagelli Street, 3,  52100, Kastoria
     Phone: Administration Kozani: +30 24610 56604
     Phone: Administration Kastoria: +30 24610 56762
     Email: advens@uowm.gr

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