Program Aim and Objectives

The Program deals with the advanced methods for the analysis, design, optimization and control of energy systems, with particular emphasis on their application to innovative, environmentally friendly energy technologies and their dissemination.

Its purpose is to equip students with the interdisciplinary skills required for the design, optimization and evaluation of energy systems, on a technical, environmental and economical level. In this context, students will gain specialized knowledge that governs modern computational engineering, energy technologies and energy systems management. They will become familiar with the latest technical skills needed to design renewable energy systems, including Finite Elements Analysis (FEA), focusing on aspects such as reliability, security, operation, maintenance and techno-economical analysis of the examined technologies.

Program’s objectives include:

  • The promotion of knowledge and the development of research in the scientific field of advanced engineering methods, focusing on energy systems.
  • In-depth training of students on innovative, environmentally friendly energy technologies.
  • Equipping graduates with the proper knowledge for coping with the requirements of a demanding, fast-changing working environment of interdisciplinary characteristics, with regard to the technology evolution, modern science tools, and the overall goal of ecosystem protection.
  • Preparation for doctoral studies.

For the support of Program’s objectives, a collaboration with distinguished companies of the Technological Sector is established, regarding the organization of seminars and visits, identification of research issues that can be studied through post-graduate theses, and training of the students in their premises.

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