The nominal amount of student fees is € 4,000; that amount will, however, be significantly reduced, on a reduction degree that may reach 100%, due to the sponsorship of Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG Greece (TAP). The final amount will be a function of the final number of students.

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG Greece (TAP) has undertaken the construction of the gas pipeline that runs through Northern Greece and will transport natural gas from Caspian region to Europe. The donation to the Program lies within the framework of its Social and Environmental Investment Program (SEI Program), and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in the pipeline crossing areas. Responsible for the management of the donation amount is the Bodossaki Foundation. Bodossaki Foundation came into being in 1972 and works to promote its vision for a society of equal opportunities for all, which enables people to fully realise their potential.

The operating costs of the Post-graduate Program will be supported by other public and private sponsorships or research projects, as well.

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